Healthy Cooking: Red Lentils Soup

A lentils soup is easy to make and for the cold days it is an ideal soup. Lentils are especially nutritious because of their proteins. They are excellent sources of fiber, complex carbs, plant protein and minerals. They provide micro nutrients such as iron and zinc and are similar to meats, poultry and fish in their contribution of these nutrients. I posted this recipe a long time ago, but now I post it again, because I forgot about it and I didn’t make this soup for years. It is a pity that a healthy soup like this lentils soup is forgotten. So this blog post is for me and for all others who forgot to make a nice winter soup this season! And don’t forget the folate and potassium. It is a tasty and nutritious for everyone. Not only for vegetarians.

The only thing is that you have to remind yourself one day ahead because the lentils have to soak in a lot of water for at least a day. If you don’t soak the lentils they are very hard and it takes a long time to cook them. The cooking time is shortened when the lentil are soaked. Try this lentils soup recipe quickly.

For 8-12 persons
2 liter of water (3-4 veggie bouillon cubes)
250 gram lentils
4 cloves of garlic
A big onion
Two  table spoons of cumin
2 cans of tomatoes

Start with frying the garlic and onion and add  cumin and the lentils with 2 liter of broth. Cook for 15 minutes. Add the cans of tomatoes and cook for a while (half hour) until the lentils are soft. Mix it to make a smooth and thick soup.


It doesn’t only look delicious it tastes really good!

Enjoy your soup with Turkish bread.


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