What Shall I Eat this Time? Super Quick Healthy Recipes!

Everyday you have to eat. For your health, variety is important, but what should you eat tonight? Sometimes, you just don’t know it anymore.
I caught myself because I prepared the same things over and over again. With different and easy to prepare recipes on this recipe blog you will get some new ideas. Easy to try out yourself during the week or in the weekend. I will also give you some nutrition and health information about the ingredients. 

The dish on the picture is a very easy to prepare pasta dish for two. Healthy because it contains salmon, full of omega-3 fatty acid, the can of cherry tomatoes is full of lycopene because the tomatoes are processed. Processed tomatoes are one of the few instances where health is increased (due to lycopene content) compared to fresh produce.

Ready in 15 minutes: Recipe Pasta Salmon Cherry Tomatoes

Bake the salmon brown on both sides, add 200 ml cream and a can of cherry tomatoes and simmer it for about 15 minutes. Add some oregano, pepper and salt and your pasta sauce is ready to eat!


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