Nutrition research for a Nobel Prize?!

Last week I visited a lecture of Professor Martijn Katan. It was organized by the Dutch Academy Gezond & Blij zonder diëten paprika kleurof Nutrition Sciences. Every year there is such a lecture. This time Martijn Katan spoke in a philosophical way about sciences. What is the place in the field of Nutrition sciences?Could the field ‘Nutrition sciences’ win a nobel Prize again. The last time that somebody won this prize in the nutrition field was in 1964 (Hodgkin won this for her vitamin B12 research).

The discussion about nutrition and how you should investigate and do research is an interesting one but in the end people were more puzzled by his firm conclusions. If your idea was to get more nutrition knowledge, you were mislead. Some people were disappointed because traditional research didn’t have his approval and a lot of trials and research were not the right one to get a Nobel Prize. Some research are indeed of political kind.

He explained: The obesity- discussion and the research is political. Action is needed, not more research. In that sense I agree. Nutrition scientists need to communicate on political level and action is needed. In that way there we should give a nudge. An example is to stop the opening of fast food restaurants in the city.

It was good to talk about science and nutrition research. It was good to talk to nutrition scientist afterwards. But if you joined to know more nutrition you were wrong. Then you’d better read more research about it than attending this lecture of Professor Martijn Katan.




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