Children Eating Poorly?

What about the nutrition and health of your children? Are they eating poorly and do they get enough physical activity? There is a big chance that this is the case. The Nutrition Centre in The Netherlands found out that children don’t eat according to the guidelines. Well, that doesn’t sound strange to me. The whole population doesn’t eat according to the healthy nutrition guidelines. Why should that be different for children? Let’s have a look to the shocking results.

Healthy & Happy BabyOnly half of the children ate heatlhy
Less then half eat healthy. Of the 10 children 4 ate enough fruit and vegetables and 5 ate enough fish. The children aged 1-4 were good with their fish, fruit and vegetable intake. 4 of the 10 children of 4-9 years were okay and of the group from 9-12 only 2 of the 10 ate according to the guidelines.

On my Dutch website I also write a babyblog and what I find very awkward is that parents are very healthy when it concerns a baby. But after the age of one, it looks like it doesn’t matter anymore because guidelines say that they can eat what their parents eat and their digestive system has matured enough. This is not true at all. Toddles and young children are not young adults. Some organs are not mature yet and sweet and salty products like cookies, cakes, chips and cheese are not good, not for adults but surely not for small children.

My advice is that parents should eat what their baby eat. vegetables, fruit, fish and some (not a plate full) carbohydrates as rice, pasta or bread. And not the way around: Toddlers can eat what parents eat.


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