Contaminants In Your Food

It sounds scary: contaminants in our food. But what does it mean? Contaminants are chemical substances, not intentionally added to your food. These may be present in food because the production process, or transport. They also can be the result from environmental contaminants. When you eat a lot of products with contaminants then it  may pose a risk to your health. I will give examples of contaminants which could be threatening for your health: acrylamide and arsenic. A new report (2017) in The Netherlands shows that it is not known if you stay under the accepted daily intake for acrylamide if you consume a lot of bread, coffee, and fried products. Read more about acrylamide in fries. Lead is a contaminant which you can find in bread, dairy, fruit and veggies, and grains. There is not really an alternative for lead, and lowering these products is not an option because they have more positive effects on your health.

Acrylamide in your fries, coffee and breadcoffee-beans1-800x250
Acrylamide is a chemical in starchy food products formed during high-temperature cooking. This includes frying, baking, roasting (at +120°C) and low moisture. It is the reaction that ‘browns’ food which we like so much. It also affects its taste, it becomes sweeter. Bread, coffee,  fried products all have the contaminant acrylamide. If you drink a lot of coffee, you could consider replacing half of your intake with tea. If you eat nuts regularly you can choose for the non-fried nuts. In this way you can lower your intake of the acrylamide.

Arsenic in fish and rice
You can lower your intake of arsenic by eating less fish. However, the consumption of fish is healthy for its omega-fats and their effect on our brains. Rice also has arsenic in it, so an advice is not to eat rice every day.


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