Dutch Design and Food in The Netherlands

Ay Lin Kho, Dutch Design Week 2014

Dutch Design and Food: The Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven is internationally well known. I learned about it in Shanghai where they organise it also for a few days. Currently I live in Eindhoven and I always visit the art especially Food art and things related to nutrition and health. This year is promising again and there is a new part called: The Dutch Agri Food Week. Events are taking place in several cities in The Netherlands. Because Eindhoven is already fully booked because of the Dutch Design Week only a few events are in Eindhoven city. Most of the events are free of charge. It will start coming weekend so plan your Dutch Design Route!

The Dutch Design Week 2016 starts 22 October and ends 30 October.

I will go to the ones I think are interesting and of course I will report about them on this website.

  • 19 October I will head to my university city Wageningen where two professors will give presentations called: “Wil the sausage be the cigarette of the future?”.
  • 21 October I will be a food trendwatcher in Eindhoven, strolling, tasting and looking carefully at new restaurants and place -to-be’s.
  • 22 October The Making of Your Own World, Klokgebouw in Eindhoven.
  • 25 October there is a lecture in Philips fruit garden in Eindhoven: Co-inspiration session about nutrition and health.
Ay Lin Kho at DDW 2014

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