Eat Adventurous to Lose Weight

If you are an adventurous eater you’ll lose some weight in an easy way! Try out new products and recipes from different countries and cultures. In this way your diet isn’t boring and you don’t have to restrict yourself to a boring salad.

The research is done at the Cornell Food and Brand Lab. Only women participated (502). They ate the widest variety of uncommon foods such as seitan, beef tongue, Kimchi, rabbit, and polenta. Compared to non-adventurous eaters they:

  • rated themselves as healthier eaters,
  • were more physically active,
  • were more concerned with the healthfulness of their food
  • were much more likely to have friends over for dinner.

Being adventurous show that it may provide a way for people, especially women, to lose or maintain weight without feeling restricted by a strict diet.  It ‘s  easy: eat adventurous to lose weight and invite friends over for dinner regularly. This all helps you to stay healthy by cooking and eating consciously!

Gezond & Blij zonder diëtenWould you like to read more about losing weight by eating consciously? In my book Healthy & Happy Without Diets, you can read examples of how you can achieve it in an easy and healthy way.


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