Eating More in a Healthy Way

Healthy & Happy BabyEverywhere people wonder how they can eat less and reach a lower weight. It is a difficult task. However, eating more in a healthy way is also hard. When you are pregnant, breastfeeding you have to eat more: up to 500 calories. This is as big as an evening meal. How to do that if you are not used to it? It is really better for breast milk or for your unborn child to have a healthy intake. It is ridiculous that people say that it doesn’t matter, and that the baby will take the good ingredients from your body. But what if there are less good ingredients, or none? Eventually you would like to have a healthy and fit body yourself after the (unborn) child takes the nutrients from you.

Leftovers as an extra
The hard thing is that you are not used to that so you have to beware that eating cookies and sweet snacks are not helping you eating healthy. My tip is to put food from your evening meals in a box and eat the leftovers the next day as an extra. So next to your sandwiches you eat normally, you have the leftovers. A salad with your lunch is also a healthy extra. When you make a pan of tomato soup or lentil soup in the weekends you have something extra for your lunch also.

groen2I am breastfeeding at the moment and I have come to a balanced nutrition of 500 calories more a day. It is important to drink a lot. More than what you are used to. I always drink 2,5 liter or more. I think it is good for me to drink at least three liters now, especially when the weather is hot and when I did some sports. I noticed that I get headache when I don’t drink enough and the milk productions goes down.
Here is an example of my diet during the day.

Menu for a day
Skimmed yoghurt with slices of orange
Half liter of green smoothie
Gezond & Blij zonder diëten sinaasappelsLunch
Two slices of bread with ham and (cottage)cheese
Apple and an orange or grapefruit
Extra: leftovers from day before or a vegetable soup
Cracker with cheese
Water and tea
Potatoes, vegetables, meat or fish
After dinner snack
Tea with cookies or cake



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