Healthy & Happy
Without Diets

My book brings you something valuable: Your health. It is a fun and easy book to read. Like the title says it is not about diets but about nutrition, health and last but not least: your behavior.


It is nothing new, healthy nutrition can help you feel fit and grow old healthy. Life is short and you want to live  your life, right? That means feed your cells the right way and you will be Healthy & Happy. More than 600 others read the book already! Read more about the milestones of Gezond & Blij zonder diëten.
Healthy & Happy Without Diets

Healthy & Happy Without Diets

Healthy & Happy Without Diets involves much more than only nutrition and health. It is about food, history and use of wonderfood products, eating, tasting, unconscious behavior, your body, and your eating lifestyle. Packed with tips and real life examples you already start to be conscious in your choices whether you want it or not. With a Western science background and an Eastern Asian health perspective experience from China, Ay Lin bridges the two opposite worlds together. With the different views of experts and the right facts you can make your own truth about nutrition, food, and health. With this book you can accomplish permanent weight changes by tackling simple psychological facts about your eating behaviour.

“A no-nonsense, clear, entertaining, and realistic book including surprising (fun) facts about your body, food, nutrition and health.”

This is a book for everyone interested in a healthier life. It is about nutrition, health, and our behavior. When do we eat more or less unconsciously? When you know the facts you could be healthy and lose weight only with a few changes in your mind and kitchen. The book is full of interesting facts, anecdotes, information, tips and tricks written in an attractive way for everyone. Understandable and supported by research and experiments. Curious? Have a look to the contents and reflection of the first readers and order it: You’ll be Happy & Healthy Without Diets.

Gezond & Blij zonder diëten sinaasappels“Every day you hear or read about nutrition and health and it practically surrounds me 24/7. There is a lot of nonsense out there, which is actually harmful to your health and makes little rational sense. Ay Lin’s book is a no-nonsense, clear, entertaining, and realistic book including (fun) facts about your body, food, nutrition and health. People wanting to learn more about health – real – health should grab this book!”
Drew Campbell – Founder & CEO of World Health Store, China

“Knowledgeable but accessible to the layman, this is a great book to turn to if you really don’t know where to start in this specialised domain. It has turned the professional patois of the nutritionist into an enjoyable read. Bon appetit!”
Peter Messervy – Operations Director, Bloom & Grow Limited, Hong Kong

koffie-peper“Ay Lin is a world-class food technology expert who combines deep understanding of food science with practical experience to create innovative as well improve time-tested food products that fit the lifestyle and the budgets of the modern consumers. Her insights speak to the scientific, commercial as well as consumers, but are couched in layman’s terms that people understand, digest, and relate to.”
Henk Hoogenkamp – Author and creator of sustainable plant protein formulated food solutions and Board Member Advisor Technology Investment, USA

“For the first time in my life I read something really fascinating and absorbing concerning taste and food! Bravo!”
Joris Boddaert – Journalist and historian, The Netherlands



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