Ay Lin Kho’s Introduction

My name is Ay Lin Kho and I studied Nutrition and Health. You are probably wondering what this university study is all about. I will try to explain it to you as clear as possible. But first more about this website. This website is my personal website and blog. As a Nutrition & Health specialist and writer, the goal of this website is to inform you about nutrition, health, food, and eating in an easy and engaging way. Next to my nutrition articles, summaries of nutrition events, and scientific news you can find nutrition movies, quotes, and healthy recipes with information about the benefits of ingredients. Every week you’ll be updated with one or two posts about nutrition, health, food, and eating. It includes my opinion as a nutrition specialists on topics and news in the nutrition world. I write it in such a way that you don’t have to be an insider to understand the complex nutrition content. I also post my own experiences about nutrition and health in the kitchen as well as interesting video’s or articles of others in the nutrition field. It includes tips & trics so that you get an idea what you could do to live a healthy live.

I Studied at Wageningen University
I studied Health Sciences at Wageningen University in The Netherlands. I received the title of Ir. (Engineer) in The Netherlands, which is translated into Master of Science (MSc) in English. What does this study really mean? Well, the study was very broad and includes the physiology of humans; basic medical knowledge; cell physiology; toxicology; epidemiology; sociology and the psychology of eating. Not to mention a lot of science, statistics and methods for research.

Aylin kho bloemenNutrition Website Aylinkho.com
This website is for everyone who is interested in nutrition, health, behavior, lifestyle all linked to food and eating. It is informative but shared in an easy and readable way. You will be updated about news, articles and I will write summaries of every nutrition event I attend. Whether you are a professional in health or someone who is interested in nutrition, health and body, you will gain from it.

Clear Nutrition and Health Communication
In the end everything goes back to communication. Without good communication a scientist or a marketing person gets nowhere. The area I am most interested in is the grey area in between: communication of difficult scientific language into easily understandable and, last but not least, interesting material. In my opinion a marketing person can’t do a lot without content and a scientist will not be getting subsidies for research if he can’t communicate his work in an accessible way to the outside world. The vocation of a scientist is to find solutions to make the world better. In my area it is in the pursuit and communication of good nutrition & health.

Member of Dutch Academy of Nutrition Sciences
I am member of the Dutch Academy of Nutrition Sciences. In this way I really stay up to date at the highest level of nutrition information. I join nutrition events with the latest updates regularly.

My Nutrition & Health Book Healthy & Happy Without Diets and Other Publications
In China I grabbed the opportunity to write a book. I enjoyed the whole process of writing and communicating with consumers. With my mix of experience and different work environments you can find a lot of nutrition and health information on this website including a nutrition and health glossary. You can also find my recent publications here. For nutrition projects I have done you have to go to my NutriKho website and for more information about me read further on this website.

If you have ideas or nutrition and health news please don’t hesitate to let me know. If you would like to do that in Dutch, please go to Aylinkho.nl, my Dutch website.

If you have any questions or remarks about this website or about the book ‘Healthy & Happy Without Diets’ you can fill in my contact form.


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