Overview of my publications until July 2015

20150501 Passie van Ay Lin Kho VoedingNU-June 2015

  • VoedingNU, Dutch Magazine for professionals interviewed me.
  •  9 June: Answering first question in Hart & Ziel section from a Dutch National newspaper.
  • Article Beter bier dan energiedranken about energy drinks and their danger for children in Dutch magazine Vork – Prikken in de voedselketen.
  • My Review about IBM Watson’s Cookbook in Dutch magazine Vork – Prikken in de voedselketen.

May 2015

20150526 Persgroep & Katern intro-April 2015

Ay Lin Kho in Vork-March 2015

  • Article Lees voor kip konijn… about new label regulation and liability in Dutch magazine Vork – Prikken in de voedselketen. Online on Aylinkho.nl
  • Interview my lifestyle and book published Bouillon!magazine
  • Win Gezond & Blij zonder diëten on Dutch website Darmgezondheid.nl and BoostYourHealth.nl
  • Nutrition and activity articles for Dutch website Boost Your Health
  • Extra four blogs on Dutch website of Magazine GezondNu, two in newsletter
  • Four articles including recipe and nutrition information; Dutch website mamas.nl
  • Interview Gezond & Blij zonder diëten for local newspapers.

Gezond & Blij zonder dieten in Bouillon-February 2015

  • My column in NTVD; Dutch magazine for professionals in nutrition and Dietetics
  • My column is the column of the month on Dutch website Darmgezondheid.nl
  • My four blogs  jan-feb on Dutch website of Magazine GezondNu, one in newsletter
  • Healthy & Happy Without Diets on Bookbuk.com website.

January 2015

  • My weekly blog on Dutch website of GezondNu starting 16 Jan-Feb; including digital newsletter
  • Interview China-Europe focus 19 Jan; website for people interested in business in China
  • Review on MBOG: Dutch website for orthomoleular health professionals.
  • My article about health on a cruise ship on Boost Your Health

Gezond & Blij zonder diëten voedingswaarde-December 2014

  • My article national newspapers Wegener Health ‘Help,  de feestdagen komen eraanWegener
  • My column in NTVD; Dutch magazine for nutrition and Dietetics
  • Review in Food professional magazine Voedingswaarde
  • Article on psychology of eating in magazine Licht op Eindhoven

Gezond & Blij zonder dieten St maarten 2November 2014


Column Ay Lin Kho NTVD 5Oktober 2014

  • Article about my work and pr of my book on Dutch health website
  • Article on psychology of eating in magazine Licht op Eindhoven
  • My column in NTVD; Dutch magazine for nutrition and Dietetics

September 2014

Licht op Eindhoven.August 2014

Ay Lin Kho Gezond & Blij in GezondNu

July 2014

  • Review on Dutch website Kiwi enzo
  • Article dieting psychology on Dutch health website
  • Review in a Dutch healthy and pure website MergenMetz
  • Review Dutch nutrition website by Dennis Bast

June 2014

20140514 De Gelderlander geheelMay 2014

April 2014
Licht op Eindhoven, A Dutch Magazine for people living in and around the metropolis Eindhoven posted the information about the presales of my book. Nutrition is hot!

January 2014
GezondNUA Dutch health magazine for consumers interviewed me.
Do you need superfoods to feel super?

VoedingNUA Dutch magazine for food and nutrition professionals published my article.
Chocolates or a fabulous and fit body: New year column VoedingNU

Local newspaper and television
Interview in the local newspaper Eindhovens Dagblad.
Interview in talkshow ‘Kamer van Brabant‘ of Omroep Brabant.

Yakult Life; Internal Magazine Yakult Europe posted my article
Do we still know her…? Yakult Life

Oktober 2013 Boer & Co
A  Dutch website with Dutch articles about agriculture and communication. Series of articles for both farmer and consumer to fill the communication gap between them.

September 2013 Meerhoven24 Run

Relay Run organised in Eindhoven. Series of nutrition information for athletes.

July 2013 GezondNU

A Dutch health magazine for consumers.

2011-2013 World Health Store

Retail store selling proteins, vitamins, health food and products.

Publications Ay Lin Kho, Healthy & Happy Without Diets and Gezond & Blij zonder diëten

For news on nutrition and health you can follow me on twitter.com/aylinkho


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