Food and Blood pressure

???????????????????????????????I went to the auditorium in Wageningen to join the whole day event organized for the retirement of Daan Kromhout. He was the pioneer in nutrition research especially in the Zutphen study where he started the hupothesis that eating more fish would result in reduction of heart diseases. For his important work he was knighted by the mayor of his hometown.

International speakers presented the whole day about their research on ingredients, nutrition, health and end points as blood pressure, heart diseases and death. When I was a student I went to the auditorium for all promotion celebrations to listen and to work so I felt home again because nothing changed in the environment. It was a whole day of college. I was really back in university again. The presentation of Daan Kromhout was partly similar as is public speech I went to a few months ago. Read the summary in my summary of that day saturated or unsaturated fatty acids. Here I have a short summary of one of the speakers

Different nutrition products and their effects on blood pressure

Marianne Geleijnse, the research specialist on blood pressure, salt, and health gave a scientific overview of foods and their relation on blood pressure. In the Western countries we see that blood pressure rises with age. However, when we research people in parts of Brazil without Western influences we don’t see this familiar rise in their blood pressure. Is it the food or activity level? In chimpanzees we saw blood pressure increase when the salt intake rose from 0 to 5 gram per day.

Nowadays we eat about nine grams of salt per day. The WHO guidelines say that we need to eat five grams a day. According to Geleijnse we only need 0.5 grams a day. Potassium intake is beneficial for your blood pressure (in potatoes, dairy, and coffee. Let’s have a look to different food products.

When you eat five portions of fruit and vegetables it has a beneficial effect on our blood pressure. Not for individuals but on population level it has a big impact. Nuts are beneficial but not all nuts are the same. Almonds and pistachios have a good effect on your blood pressure but walnuts lack this effect. Alcohol will increase blood pressure. It is directly associated! Milk doesn’t have a direct effect on blood pressure. There are not enough trials so we have to look to prospective studies. There are many meta-analysis done on coffee. With 3-8 cups the blood pressure increase in a study but another study in the United States didn’t see an association. So this is not really clear yet. A vegetarian diet is good for your blood pressure. But the DASH diet is even more blood pressure lowering

Her plea is why go for adding medicines in water? Obviously this was a dicsussion. Why not going for a healthy diet! Not only it lowers your blood pressure but a whole range of diseases and imbalances.


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