Healthy & Happy Without Diets Amazon

When you publish a book by your self you face the problem that you have to do many things at the same time and you don’t know where to start. With all the presentations and book promotions I forgot to offer the book on Amazon. Actually Amazon was the first thing on my list since I started with the book.

Healthy HappyFinally I succeeded. For the English version, people around the world can order Healthy and Happy Without Diets via Amazon now. Amazon is reviewing the Dutch version at this moment. It will take a few days. The printing on demand option is a gift for people who don’t want to invest in paper versions. I found out that for my full colour one single book is expensive. Ordering it once via this way is more expensive than when you order in a larger batch, which I did in The Netherlands.

People in The Netherlands better order it via, in Belgium you can go to several cooking stores where they can order it, and for the rest of the world can order it via Amazon!  or



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