Nutrition & Health
specialist Ay Lin Kho

This website is Ay Lin Kho’s personal website and blog. As a Nutrition & Health specialist she wants to inform you about nutrition, health, food, and eating in an easy and engaging way.

Nutrition & Health specialist Ay Lin KhoAy Lin’s Nutrition Study and Jobs
Since she was a small child Ay Lin just adored food. This passion for food and health did not fade away. So the choice to study Nutrition and Health at the Wageningen University was not too hard to make. With her Master of Science degree, unique profile and carefully chosen majors (Marketing & Communication and Nutrition science)  she aimed for positions in health companies being the translator in the grey area between science and marketing and communication.

She worked at nutrition giants like Nutricia (Danone), the leading baby milk powder company in The Netherlands. At Yakult, the leading Japanese fermented milk drink company containing probiotics, she worked at the European headquarters in Corporate Communication. After writing two books and publishing them by herself she worked part-time as Editor in Chief for the printed magazine Dutch Magazine for Nutrition and Dietetics. All the functions differ but communication of nutrition always took a central place in all jobs.

Ay Lin’s Background
Ay Lin is born in The Netherlands but her parents are from Indonesia and her ancestors are Chinese. With all the experiences in The Netherlands she always wanted to work in Asia: Back to her roots! In heavy polluted Beijing and Shanghai. she gained experience in the fast growing market. Of course working in a health company. “It is amazing to see how Asians deal with their health compared to Europeans.”

In China she was inspired to write a book about her passion: nutrition & health. The book is available via and the Dutch version is available via Ay Lin’s Dutch website

Ay Lin’s company NutriKho
Back in The Netherlands she started NutriKho, a consultancy in nutrition & health. Ay Lin’s background as a nutrition scientist and her experience as a business nutritionist at leading food companies, she is able to translate nutritional science and issues into business opportunities. With nutritional insights she can provide correct communication material and strategic moves in a healthy direction. By bringing different disciplines such as sales, marketing, R&D, regulatory affairs together you can count on reliable and innovative approach to your nutrition & health strategy and marketing materials.

As an editor and writer of Healthy & Happy Without Diets and its translation Gezond & Blij zonder diëten she can also help you with nutrition texts:

  • Proofreading (nutrition content, punctuation, spelling, typos)
  • Light editing (nutrition content, proofreading with grammar and sentence structure/syntax)
  • Heavy editing (nutrition content, proofreading with restructuring bring the information to a higher level).

If you would like to hire Ay Lin for business projects about nutrition and communication you can have a look at her business website and you always contact her.

Meet Ay Lin Kho and have a look to her recent publications.


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