Savoy Cabbage Time

Ay Lin Kho blog savoy cabbage I bought a Savoy cabbage on the market. I didn’t know what it was and I never cooked with it. The cabbages that I use are the red, white, Chinese cabbage. A good reason to buy it now and to experiment with it! I saw a lot of recipes and obviously a lot of restaurant chefs use it. The special name comes from the Savoy region, a medieval duchy in Europe on the border of Italy, France and Switzerland.

Like the rest of the cabbage family, savoy cabbage is a healthy treat, it has high nutritional value. It has a lot of dietary fiber, and protein in it and It also contains many vitamins and minerals, such as: Vitamin A, B1, B6, folic acid, C and K, magnesium, potassium, manganese, calcium, copper, and phosphorous. They are an excellent source of vitamins K and C.

It has a rough surface and appearance but despite this roughness, the leaves of the savoy cabbage are tender, even when eaten raw. This makes them an ideal choice for salads, vegetable wraps, or as a bed for rice, fish, or other dishes. Savoy cabbage can make a tastier, and much more tender coleslaw compared to red or green cabbage

What can I do with this big Savoie cabbage? Last time I made red cabbage and I didn’t cook it for an hour as I should. I was in a hurry and I thought 15 minutes should be OK. I was wrong so with this Savoy cabbage I really read about it to prepare a nice dish with it. I will give some tips what you can do with it. I choose for a dish with potatoes. I made a mashed potato with cabbage and onion! Boil the potatoes together with the cabbage for about 15-20 minutes and mash it with milk.

Other things you could do with Savoy cabbage:

  • You can steam it together with fish: Wrap the fish in the leaves and steam
  • You can also use minced meat. Fill the cabbage with minced meat and steam. Stuffing with rice or potatoes is also delicious.
  • Saute it with garlic and onions and eat with boiled potatoes,
  • Add to a soup
  • You have to wait a little longer but ferment it and make sauerkraut! On my attic the sauerkraut is fermenting already for 3 weeks! IF you talk about sauerkraut you can think of the Korean kimchi also.
  • Saute with bacon and spätzle.
  • Use it for coleslaw. Together with carrot and vinegar, sugar and salt it will be tasting fresh and great next to potatoes, other warm veggies and chicken.
  • Use the cabbage for an egg noodle soup including some wontons.

Have a nice Savoy cabbage time!


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