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It is nothing new, healthy nutrition can help you feel fit and grow old healthy. Life is short and you want to live  your life, right? That means feed your cells the right way and you will be Healthy & Happy. More than 600 others read the book already! Read more about the milestones of Gezond & Blij zonder diëten.

The Dutch version is available. The book price is €24,50 and after finalizing the transfer the book will be send to you. You don’t have to pay the shipping fee if you live in The Netherlands. The book is in Dutch! The Dutch version “Gezond & Blij zonder diëten” is available on Aylinkho.nl.


Healthy & Happy Without Diets

The wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings. Let food be your medicine  | Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine

Content and goal of Healthy & Happy Without Diets
Nutrition covers many topics like digestion, different food groups, psychology, practical tips and information on health and nutrition, therefore my aim is to offer the basic insights into different subjects so that everyone can read all about diverse topics in one easy-to-grasp book. Of course you can find much information about nutrition and health on the Internet, but you have to search in different fields and you’ll never be sure if the information is reliable. Everyone has a strong opinion about nutrition, health and eating but only few are nutrition specialists.

My goal with this book is that readers will benefit from it and that it will be a healthy nudge for you and everyone who wants to live Healthy & Happy without following a diet. Changing small things in your lifestyle will help you lose weight. With my tips and my experiences, this book will be a fun motivator for people to start or continue a healthy lifestyle. While I wrote the book I was living in China, so some of the experiences are based on my adventures there. It doesn’t matter where you live, your number one priority should be your health. If the things you do make you healthy, then you will be happy and if you are happy it is also automatically linked to your health.

“The book includes many examples, used from good research, that illustrate how our food and eating behavior is influenced by the modern society and how our brain interacts with our gut and the environment at our table. It also has a remarkable number of practical tips that can be easily used. In my opinion it really gives useful, practical knowledge and tips for those who want to improve their lifestyles or are involved in helping others live healthier.”
Gertjan Schaafsma, Professor in nutrition and food science


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