Watermelon Sports Drink

On the corner of the street where I live is a small Turkish store. I went there to buy a watermelon. They were at least 12 kilograms, too much so they cut the melon. When I saw that the butcher with meat juices and dirt on his white coat cut the watermelon with a knife who saw raw meat I felt bad.  A clear example of possible cross-contamination. Nothing happened, I didn’t become ill, but the melon just didn’t taste delicious to me anymore.

Ay Lin Kho watermelonNext time I went there I decided to buy a whole so I could cut it with my own clean knife. I choose the smallest and the store owner told me it was an old one so I could get it for half the price. The rest of the melons was twice as big so I took the old one and I decided to juice it. I mashed through a sieve. It took me a while but I had more arm muscles and three to four liter of juice, I enjoyed it for more than a week! The watermelon juice was unbelievably sweet but one small glass was fine, especially after doing sports. To my surprise, I read about new research about watermelon
sports drink, a healthy recovery drink for athletes.

Watermeloen sap Watermelon juice soothes sore cycling muscles
Watermelon juice has ‘excellent’ potential as a functional drink to relieve sore muscles in athletes due to high levels of amino acid L-Citrulluine, a new Spanish study testing cyclists reports.
Read more: http://www.nutraingredients.com/On-your-radar/Botanicals/Watermelon-juice-soothes-sore-cycling-muscles



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