Dip Veggies!

Make a healthy dip and dip veggies. You will eat more of your veggies! Interesting research with children showed this. They found that children were three times more likely to refuse eating a vegetable alone than they were to eat the same vegetable when paired with a reduced-fat flavored dip. And the children were twice as likely to reject a vegetable with no dip than they were if given the same vegetable with plain dip. It is also known from other research that when you prepare the vegetables tasty, children will eat more, even if you give them later the dish without the dip or extra sweetness.

Try it out, dip your veggies, who knows it may help you to eat more of them too.

I already posted a healthy dips on my recipe page. Do you like hummus? Then have a look quick for the best homemade hummus recipe. You can try them or make easy dips with yoghurt or olive oil. Do You Have a Healthy Digestion?





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