Just Dip it: Healthy Hummus Recipe

Ay Lin Kho Healthy hummusA decade ago I ordered a sandwich with hummus in a café in The Netherlands. It wasn’t the amount of hummus you‘d expect it to be. When you visited Israel once you know that the amount should be enormous. There you would dip the bread in a huge bowl of hummus…I noticed that when you buy it in the supermarket it is also a tiny amount, just enough for one portion of bread.  Do you recognize this? If you do, it is time to make it yourself. It is a very easy to make and it is a real healthy dip.  See the healthy hummus recipe below. You can save it in your freezer for about a month but my experience is that it will be finished within a week.

Hummus is the Arabic name for chickpeas, a healthy legume full of proteins.  Mix it with tahin, a sesame seed paste, garlic, lemon or lime, salt and pepper and you have your healthy snack.

Large pot of chickpeas
Juice of two limes
2-3 table spoons of tahin
two cloves of garlic
salt, pepper, chopped parsley or coriander
Olive oil to smooth the dip.

I always buy a large pot of chickpeas at the Turkish shop because the cans in the supermarket are very small. The pot you see on the picture provide you exactly the amount in the bowl. The following ingredients are included in an appetizing healthy hummus. You can add or leave ingredients out if you want to. It is up to your taste. It is already tasty if you only add salt and pepper…

If you would like to cook chickpeas yourself, you can read Just Dip it Healthier.


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